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July 9th, 2017 - Yo crew! Head on over to the Gear section to check out the new 'What A Beautiful Life' tie dyes inspired by D WEBB's upcoming album. Also, scroll down to the 'Featured Content' to check out D WEBB's new single "While I'm While" dedicated to his father. Be sure to spread the word! MUCH LOVE
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March 18th
Performance: Summer Camp On The Road: Contest
21+ - Peoria, IL - Kenny's Westside Pub - 112 SW Jefferson Ave.
At Door
April 22th
Performance: Steady Flow's Album Release Party
21+ - Peoria, IL - Kenny's Westside Pub - 112 SW Jefferson Ave.
May 27th
Performance: Summer Camp Music Festival: Soulshine Tent
All Ages - Chillicothe, IL - Three Sisters Park - 17189 IL-29
June 15th
Guest Performance: Steamboat Days Festival
All Ages - Peoria, IL - Peoria Riverfront - 200 NE. Water St.
At Door
June 23rd
Performance: 309 Fest
21+ - Peoria, IL - Rail II - 2702 W. Farmington Rd.
June 30th
Performance: King Khancept EP Release Show
18+ - Peoria, IL - Limelight Eventplex - 8102 N. University St.
Aug 27th
Performance: TBA

Featured Content
After losing his father to cancer, D WEBB made a record dedicated to his father which will be featured on his upcoming album 'What A Beautiful Life'. This self-produced tribute sheds light on D WEBB's struggles he faces coping with his father's passing. Asking for guidance, feeling alone and missing a loved one are some of the many issues that D WEBB speaks on in this video that is guarenteed to give you chills. (Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play)

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